Charles Schwab Trading Insights

User Research Study

the opportunity

For this project, Progress User Experience Research LLC (Progress) conducted a series of remote research sessions in order to evaluate a Trading Insights portal website to:

  • Gain insight into the relevance of the site to the target user.
  • Evaluate design and content for clarity of purpose and function.
  • Determine if the functionality of the platform experience is intuitive to the user.
  • Determine where enhancement and improvement opportunities exist prior to implementation.

my Role

 My work space set up for participant recruiting

My work space set up for participant recruiting

For this contract work I was responsible for the following:

  • Participant Recruitment 
  • Scheduling User Interviews
  • Delegated note taker during user interviews
  • Co-moderated user interviews
  • Wrote Topline Findings Report for client
  • Analyzed user interviews for key findings for client presentation
  • Designed slides for client presentation  
  • Participated in client presentation of findings

Tools & Skills

  • Optimal Workshop Reframer
  • Google Slides
  • Paper & Pen
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Zoom Meeting Platform


After the stakeholder meeting, we kicked off the month sprint with participant recruitment.  I was the lead on recruiting all participants and setting up the moderating schedule.  We used Survey Monkey and then a phone screener script to find our client’s target market for this study.  I recruited 9 participants and 4 floater participants for user interviews.  

Participant demographics included:

  • Gender: mix of both men and woman
  • Age range: 31-75
  • Cities of residence included: Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, and others. 

  I created a user interview schedule, which would take a week to complete all interviews.   All interview sessions were conducted with Zoom Meeting, screen sharing, and recording to limit the amount of note taking.  


user interviews & testing

The user interviews were spread through out one week and each session was scheduled for one hour.  The sessions were remote and designed to allow the user flexibility to explore the new potential portal we were testing.  Initially, I was the sole notetaker for the first 3 interview sessions and then co-moderated the remaining 6 user interview sessions. 

 Raw interview data from user interviews

Raw interview data from user interviews


findings/next steps

This study was a second round of user interviews for this client.  We were looking for how users navigated through the new portal, if they found the information useful, does the target user understand what is being presented and how it all functions, and finally would they use this product.  

After analyzing all videos, I wrote an initial Topline Findings report to brief the client about the high overview findings from the study.  I then assisted in the design and created slides for the client presentation which showcased the detailed findings from study and our suggestions moving forward before the new portal is implemented.